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Why Egypt?


Why did we choose ...

Egypt has charmed us …

We discovered the flavors of Egypt during our many trips there and we wanted to bring them to Romania as well. We have selected from many fragrance essences, from the noblest oils, and we have prepared our selection of exceptional perfumes, completely different from what is available today.

Although we are the first with a range of Egyptian perfumes on the Romanian market, we are confident that these aromas will conquer you from the first use and you will reconsider choosing your favorite perfume!

Special perfume ...

Did you know that…

Egypt was a world leader in the creation of perfumes and was closely associated with the international trade in perfumes. When Julius Caesar took control of Egypt, he demonstrated this to the Roman people by throwing bottles of precious perfume at the crowd during his triumphant return to Rome.

The most appreciated perfumes of the ancient world came from Egypt.

All the kings and queens of Egypt placed a special emphasis on personal care, wanted the most perfect aromas and used them as personal perfume, flavored the space they were in or used scented oils in the famous bathing rituals.

And you can feel spectacular, with a completely different, timeless scent. Give yourself a well-deserved olfactory pampering!

Perfume can say a lot about you, it can define your style and it can be an important element of your charm. We have unique DNA and somehow it is written in it our desire to reflect our individuality on any occasion. And that’s what Egyptian perfumes promise you -> an exit from anonymity!

Available flavors


Wear a royal perfume

The perfume you wear creates a mood, arouses your emotions and generates reactions from those around you. The perfume takes the place of a business card. You are noticed for the aroma you carry and that makes you unforgettable.



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