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Unisex egyptian perfume water Ramses

Unisex egyptian perfume water Ramses


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100 ml

A strong perfume, with decided leather and tobacco accords, which gives way in time to woody notes, intensified by delicate floral notes, slightly peppered … An alluring perfume that imprints itself forever in your heart! The olfactory route emanates mystery full of sensuality and tenderness: Leather, White Flower, Tobacco and Patchouli.

Seductive. Passional. Decided.

Ramsez is a mysterious perfume, which exudes attractiveness and sensuality, dedicated to both sexes. Seductive, enigmatic and bold, for people who do not shy away from challenges.

With a simple down of the aroma you choose, on your skin you will immediately feel the scent of history and the greatness of the gods of Egypt, and you will be completely amazed by the fragrance’s resistance over time, much more than anything you have tried so far!

With a premium packaging, made of natural leather, these water perfumes with a completely special aroma, from Egypt, are the perfect gift, offered with love or passion, to Him or Her.

Piramida olfactivă a parfumului
Top notes

Leather, white flower, warm spice

The top notes give you the first experience with the perfume, at the time of its application on the skin. These are usually lighter, volatile flavors that will evaporate over time, leaving room for the middle notes and base of the perfume.

Heart notes

Amber, smoky, earthy

The middle notes (also called “heart notes”) cover most of the composition of the perfume, they need about 10-30 minutes to make their presence fully felt on the skin.

Base notes

Mossy, patchouli, woody

Base notes are those that have the highest molecular weight. They persist for the longest time and play an important role in fixing the aroma, slowing down the evaporation process of lighter notes.

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